Nik Sallie's Brand Magic™ - Create Stress-Free Branding in 30 Days or Less

Nik Sallie
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What is Brand Magic™?

Brand Magic™ is self-paced, simple and designed to prevent overwhelm so you feel supported and guided the entire time.

In just 5 easy-to-understand video lessons, you'll create WOW-worthy branding, complete with a customized font family, color palette, brand identity and brand voice in your very own professional brand style guide.

Are you a small to medium business owner struggling to stand out?

The key to standing out is communicating what your brand stands for.

You started your business for a reason,

and you only get ONE chance

to make a great first impression.

But how? The Answer:

Module 1: Mindset Rituals for Clarity, Confidence and Abundance

We’ll cover:

  • Why Mindset is So Important: Where your attention goes, your energy flows-  learn ways to stay energized through the course and the creative process
  • The One Mindset Hack to Help Manage Stress: Don’t just think of this as a project, think of it as a  party
  • How to Leverage the Reticular Activating System to Easily Manifest What You Want:  Here’s how to put your subconscious to work for you.
  • Clear Goal Setting: Get crystal clear on your business and branding goals

Module 2: Branding Fundamentals + Trademark Protection

We’ll cover:

  • Branding vs Trademark: How they’re different and yet complimentary
  • Trademark formula and distinctiveness: What counts as a weak or strong trademark
  • Types of trademarks: It’s not just words and colors, but patterns and so much more

Module 3: Brand Basics: Build Your Brand from Your Business Plan

We’ll cover:

  • The Business Plan: Using the 3 P’s to efficiently build your branding
  • Customer Perception: The importance of accurately pricing your products/services
  • Business Channels:  Understanding offline and online channels

Module 4: Advanced Brand Concepts

We’ll cover:

  • Brand Elements: A deep dive into brand components such as brand voice, tone and personality
  • Colors and Shapes: The psychology behind these and what they truly mean
  • Fonts: Script, serif, sans serif and more- they all convey unique messages

Module 5: Completing Your Brand Style Guide

We’ll cover:

  • The Brand Style Guide: What it is and why it’s essential to branding
  • Different Ways to Create a Guide: Simple, free, and/or paid resources to easily create and revise your guide so your brand stays consistent, professional and protected
  • Best in Class Brand Style Guides: Examples to educate and inspire you.
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Brand Magic™ is a 4 week course that teaches you how to create authentic, clear branding in quick, easy and fun modules that will attract your ideal target market and convert them to paying customers.

Basic brand psychology so you can be intentional about creating or rebuilding your brand
The basics of how to create a strong, protectable trademark
Simple strategies to keep your brand and trademark consistently top of mind for your ideal customers
Mindset techniques to ease and flow through the course
As an added bonus: My formulas and shortcuts to help you move quickly from brand ideas to execution


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Nik Sallie's Brand Magic™ - Create Stress-Free Branding in 30 Days or Less

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